Have you met a complete stranger in the chatroom? Why not try and meet various people around the world. No need to register… just go to the site, ready your cam, mic and earphone…

Here are some of the Best Chat Roulette Screenshots! (Buzzfeed)

  • Why the long Face?

  • Rickroll’d

  • I’m a cat

  • I liked you in Philadelphia

  • Why don’t you take a seat over there

  • tits*

  • Other than the kitchen, obv

  • Sarcasm

  • Bear head

  • I will draw you

  • Match made in Heaven

  • Rocky

  • Spider on the wall

  • Burn victim

  • Twins

  • Cat man strikes again

  • Cartoon Look-alike

  • A-Cup

  • Show me this face

  • Elmo is the red one

  • Can’t we all jsut get along?

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