NewSic: Matt Morris Debut Album

When Everything Breaks Open is the debut album by American singer-songwriter Matt Morris, released January 12, 2010. It was produced by both Charlie Sexton and Justin Timberlake. On the album, Matt embraces the personal and political, the romantic and the spiritual, in a way that recalls Stevie Wonder’s 1970’s streak of masterworks.(wiki)

I love this album because it is soulful and some tracks have nice melody in it. The voice of Matt Morris is likable… pleasant to the ears and brain. One of my favorite is “The Un-American,” a concise polemic against capitalist excess. Another one is Bloodline and a powerful single “Don’t You Dare.”

Track listing
  1. “Don’t You Dare”
  2. “Money” (feat. Justin Timberlake)
  3. “Love”
  4. “Bloodline”
  5. “Live Forever”
  6. “The Un-American”
  7. “Let It Go”
  8. “You Do It For Me”
  9. “Just Before The Morning”
  10. “In This House”
  11. “Forgiveness”
  12. “Someone to Love You”
  13. “Eternity”
  14. “100,000 Strong” (Bonus Track)



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