Just Leave it to NOBODY…

Once upon a time there were four friends named John Somebody, Thomas Anybody, Peter Everybody and Frank Nobody. These group works in one company, but they weren’t like you and me. They were peculiar people and are hard to understand and the way they lined was shame.

All four belonged to the same department but it was difficult to enjoy mingling with them. Everybody went to report most of the week. Anybody wanted to give an analysis, but was concerned that Somebody will criticize him; so guess who went to analyze… Nobody!

Really, Nobody was the only decent among the four. Nobody did his plans, Nobody did his projects and Nobody attended all work activities. Once, they needed a replacement. Everybody thought Anybody would do it and Somebody thought, too that Anybody would do it and you know who did it? That’s right! Nobody.

It happened that a new employee has been hired. Eveybody thought Somebody shoul try to befriend him. Anybody have at least made an effort. You probably know who finally gave this stranger a helping hand – Nobody.

And so my dear readers, If you leave for Somebody, Everybody or Anybody to do your wokr. Nobody will do it…

(Adapted story I revised)

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