Sentinela, I Plead!

Here is a poem that I’ve written during my first year of college at the 1st English Scroll competition in the school. This was my entry to the poem category which bested hundreds of entries. Poem is not really my forte because I’m the essay type and I’m more on formal writing . This poem placed second over-all which I wasn’t expecting at all. I was just overwhelmed and proud to represent my class. No cash prize but I was awarded with a 2nd Place Ribbon and a Parker pen with my name engraved on it. My inspiration in this poem was my deceased elementary and high school classmate, Jaydee, to whom I dedicated this poem. Here is the poem with my pseudonym.

Sentinela, I Plead!

By: Jaydee Drowned


Drastic wave of blue sea rush ashore,

A mercuric cloud pout a sore,

Horizon conquers cobbles along the shore,

Whirl of tornado, depth the sea cores


Element of cabalistism, a peril prevail,

Poseidon’s talisman ebbed to eye Adam’s ale,

A tortoise catastrophe cascade over trail,

Drowning through lairs, catacombs and jails.


Excalibur adrift from Alps of sapphires,

Moaning water influx with black desires,

Antagonisms burst into fires,

Sentinela, I plead; but you’re a liar.


Mourning blood trickled from my eyes,

A wrecking ship plunged away into miles,

Sentinela chortle, waft to and fro,

Sentinela, I plead; let the tortoise go.


A futile paradox, a turbulent enigma,

A stygian escapism, a subaquatic dilemma,

Truly invincible, truly inevitable,

Law of nature, I defy; It’s too irresistible.


Sentinela, I plead! Stop this suffocation!

Let them breathe and live with jubilation,

Free them from bondage, free them from subjugation,

Please hear my plead, hear my requisition.



The poem is about a hiistorical beach named Sentinela located at Claveria, Cagayan wherein mysterious deaths occured. Many people of different ages died in this place due to drowning. The water of this beach is just shallow that’s why the deaths were unexplanable. Supernatural things are said to inhabit this beach. Mermaid and other sea creatures are believed to be responsible for the deaths. That’s why the author wants to address the poem to it. To make people be aware and careful whenever they go to beaches. To stop these sudden incidents which causes grief and sorrow to the families and friends involved in such events.

One response to this post.

  1. i haven’t read the poem yet. maybe later.

    i just want to say that i love the prize that they gave you. i would also like to have my own parker pen with my name engraved on it too. i admit, i envy you. i have tried writing poems, pero wala ako natatapos or nagugustuhan sa mga gawa ko.

    nice page!


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