10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is A Bitch

No.10 – She’s self-centered

To a bitch, the only person in the world of any importance is herself. Others are merely warm bodies who get in the way of her selfish pursuits. She is the only person affected by a tragedy. The only feelings worth considering are hers. A bitch is so obsessed with herself that she would rather get a manicure than visit your father in the hospital.

No one should have to tolerate this kind of superiority complex — especially a good man, who tends to be the preferred victim of the bitch.

No.9 – She criticizes everything about you

Shaming is a common tactic women use to control their men. The bitch takes this to the extreme. By making you feel inadequate in every domain, she hopes to make you lose your self-confidence, then rely on her to do things “right.” Nothing is good enough for her, and you are the only one, aside from her bitch friends, who actually listens. So she nags about everything you say and do.

No.8 – She’s coldhearted

A bitch is typically amoral, adhering minimally to the ethical codes of society while transgressing those that are inconvenient to her. She dismisses civility for her own gains. She’s manipulative and scheming, always looking for underhanded ways of taking advantage of people or even hurting them. And as proof that she lacks a woman’s gentle soul, she never cries or shows soft emotion.

No.7 – She expects to be treated like a queen

A bitch is usually a spoiled brat who simply refuses to grow up. She was pampered and adored as a child, and typically given anything she asked for. As an adult, she still thinks she is entitled to everything. She consistently expects car rides, gifts and attention from you. She makes constant demands of people, and never listens to their requests. There is no fixing such a person; it’s programmed into her. Only by being denied several times will she begin to get a clue.

No.6 – She slights you in bed

You want to know just how heartless such a woman can be? Not only does she not appreciate all the effort you put into pleasing her sexually, she also has the gall to ridicule you. But she’ll pick the oddest times to do so, such as during an unrelated argument or just randomly in passing. This could be a cruel comment about your size, stamina or technique. More grating still is the fact that she would go crazy if you were to reciprocate the slur.

No.5 – She treats people like trash

As someone who believes luxury treatment is owed to her, a bitch has no respect for those who do things for her. She’s rude to people who work in the service industry, such as waiters and clerks, seeing them not as human beings, but as robots who exist solely to serve her. She talks at them — not to them.

She has no compassion for people in need, such as the poor or the sick. “It’s their own fault,” she’ll tell herself and others. More sickening still, she’s mean to children, as they are a nuisance and can’t do anything for her. And since her existence dwells on envy, she constantly badmouths other women over trivial things, such as their earrings or the way they speak.

No.4 – She never pays

As she thinks that it is the duty of others to provide for her, the bitch is a tightwad. On dates she always selects expensive restaurants and orders the priciest dish and drink, but never offers to pay. She won’t pitch in for gas on trips or for food at a get-together. She buys crappy gifts for others, when she can be bothered, usually expecting you to pay for them. And if you mention any of these things, she’ll accuse you of being cheap!

No.3 – She bosses you around

A bitch’s massive superiority complex makes her think people are born to be her servants, especially her boyfriend. As someone who spends a lot of his time with her, she uses you to do all the menial tasks that she doesn’t want to. Sometimes she’ll even boss you around for the power trip — just because she can.

No.2 – She embarrasses you in public

A bitch cares nothing about the feelings of others, not even those of the hapless sap she may be dating. In fact, she uses her man as a punching bag. Sometimes she even berates him in front of his friends, or even hers. She does this either as a power trip, to show others she can, or simply to beat a man’s self-worth down to her own level — after all, misery loves company.

No.1 – She flirts with other men

This is the most intolerable trait of a bitch, which many men sadly tolerate. She’ll tease and allure other men right in front of you, never once considering how you may feel about it. There are no bounds to her search for attention and admiration. And to top it off, she’ll extract whatever feelings of jealousy she can from you by comparing you to other men.

Source: AskMen.com


19 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Walter B on May 15, 2011 at 4:18 am

    Holly crap, that’s a perfect description of my ex-wife ! She divorced my butt after 7 years of agonizing marriage ! She cheated on me with another man, then when I found out about it she was FURIOUS at me for finding out and demanded a divorce. Her new lover couldn’t take her and threw her butt onto the sidewalk after only 6 months, he called her “a demon straight from Hell”.


    • Posted by James Huynh on February 9, 2013 at 1:27 am

      hey i know how you feel i did date this girl by the name of jessi lee she was a total bitch to me and i had to let her go for being a bitch to me so don’t feel really bad buddy


    • Posted by Alex on October 3, 2013 at 5:45 pm

      f*cking b*tch


    • I have had a similar story. My ex gf was a complete bitch. Even though I could not find out that she was cheating on me during the 6 years relationship. I found out after our break up that She was actually cheating on her Fiancee with me.

      Now she is married to that poor guy.


  2. Posted by Danny on May 5, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    Yep , I know this kind dated one on and off for sometime , they set you up to knock you down , cold manipulative inconsiderate mood changes , money grabbing selfish
    you can do nothing Right no matter what , they have this way of drawing you back in with false charm , just to do the same again , Flirt mess around and then they put you down ,in the end most of them end up with few friends if any at all.

    They lie cheat their way through life , then one day it happens they are all alone
    give them a wide Berth.


  3. them helfa crazy ain’t worth the time of day find someone who appreciate your love and see how beautiful your spirit and soul blossum beauty in when a person open their mouth not what he or she looks like.


  4. Posted by Danly on June 19, 2013 at 9:26 am

    If you’re reading this is your gf is one of those bitches ..DUMPER HER.
    Yeah I know you’re in love, sh’s super hot, you don’t want to be alone and all that.
    no MAN be a MAN and dump her because she is real, she is a real bitch, they do exist and she is one of them. You’ll fall in love for a good girl, and man it will be awesome. There nothing better than being with a good girl, nothing worse than with a bitch, and SHE WILL NOT CHNAGE


  5. Posted by Joanne on July 28, 2013 at 10:25 pm

    Hey what about if you know a man like this as well…. i cry and show emotion and im a drama queen… ya just can’t win!


  6. Posted by Joe Blow on August 10, 2013 at 10:07 am

    If you searched to find this article, you already know she is. Make a plan. Move on and get what you want. Too many choices to sit in the shit. Enjoy!


  7. Posted by John Smith on September 25, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    Bit of a personal rant/venting going on below. If you don’t want that just stop reading now 🙂

    I think I’m currently engaged to one, living a living hell, but I can’t get out (or so my mind likes to tell me all the time). I admit that all my needs so far have been taken care of by my father and mother and that I can’t (don’t know how to) do repairs around the house and other manly stuff. But, what I’m taking from her is so intolerable that I sometimes question my sanity for still being there. My mindset is that of a people-pleaser and she just wants me to be mad and angry about every little slight that anyone does to me. She wants me to be a jerk to my father, mother and sister because as she says they do not count me in the living, that they have long put me with the dead. She doesn’t understand that some issues that she considers to be of apocalyptic proportions are just not that important in my family. She has thrown the engagement ring back at me more than 10 times now and I just keep going back for more.

    The one time I actually agreed/wanted to break it up she threatened that nobody will ever see her again and that she will take everything that I hold dear to me, that she will kill whoever was the reason for our argument and breakup (from her point of view that was my little sister). I caved in and here’s the situation that caused the argument:

    I bought her a board game that she wanted very, very much. A month later my sister(still in high school) borrowed the game and she lost a piece while playing with her friends in the park and when she came home she said she had counted all the pieces after playing. The piece was a cardboard cutout that can easily be replaced with anything if a suitable replacement is not found. We found out a week later and when I asked my sister on the phone about the piece I was as always, calm. My fiancee got all angry at me for not being angry on the phone, for not yelling and making my sister go to the park and look for the piece. If the piece was not found she wanted my sister to buy her a new game, because “this game is worthless now” and “it is the one thing that I loved most and she destroyed it”. Because of this I wasn’t allowed to help my sister with anything anymore, no borrowing to her, no help with schoolwork etc. She kept calling my sister a b***h, a w***e and some other things I don’t even like remembering. She also got angrier when I proposed to help fix the problem, to help with the search, to help my sister with finding/buying a new piece/game. I went with my sister to the park and we searched for 2 hours for the missing piece where they had been sitting, but we couldn’t find it. Finally, a week later I contacted the manufacturer and asked for a replacement piece. They sent me a replacement piece cost free and it arrived two weeks later. We also had a heated argument about why I didn’t let my sister look for a way to replace the piece herself (without any hep from me), or let her write a mail to the manufacturer.

    This is something that happened to me a few months ago. I can’t tell anyone and I just needed to get it out somewhere.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope someone gets a lesson out of it.


  8. Posted by Alex on October 3, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    This describes my Ex 100%, why do they even exist? i feel like punching a punching down the Great Wall of China when i think i dated a bitch


  9. typical bitches that we have all encountered in our lifetime.One day it will all come back to kick them in the ass.But until then notice and beware of the bitch that could be stalking you and sucking all of the money and youth and sucking your friends too dry as hell. she likes sucking your friends more though


  10. Damn. Guess my missus ain’t a bitch after all.


  11. Posted by Anon on May 20, 2014 at 10:49 am

    im actually currently dating one right now… i was reaching out on google for help and stubbled accross this little gem. this sums up my girlfriend to a T. its intolerable, i cant stand it anymore. im gonna snap soon and it aint gonna be good! i gotta throw this bitch out before she completely ruins my life!


  12. Posted by Bobby on June 24, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    This post describes my brothers girlfriend. Her mom died while she was young and so her dad spoiled her to no end. She is one of those Christians that gets offended when stuff like abortion and gay rights are brought up. Yet still uses racial slurs and says she’s religious. She also has this really whiny and obnoxious voice. She bitches about my brother doing something everytime they’re at my house. Which is always seeing how she “hates” her dad and step mom. She says she’s faithful. But I have seen what she wears. That type of clothing is what a prostitute would wear. Sad fact is that she doesn’t even look good in it. She looks pregnant. None of my family and brothers friends like her. She’s a huge bitch and I really hope they break up with my brother saying “Buh bye bitchhhhhhhh.”


  13. Posted by Jim on July 3, 2014 at 10:49 pm

    Yep, I spent nearly 5 years with a fake fiancee that is so self centered and manipulative emotionally that she beats anything i’ve ever seen. Her game was use you to feed her own ego and string you along for several years while she wore a ring yet would repeatedly reinforce why she didn’t want to get married. Cold and heartless, she even went as far assuming an uncaring disposition during a few episodes of health issues that i had… one being a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) even though she has been an RN for 33 years. He deal was she found it to be a hassle to take be to a hospital when i was scared out of my wits at what had happen to me neurologically and needed her when she told me “Uhhh, I’ll have to get dressed… Uhhh, what’s wrong with you???” The list of stuff goes on and on but i think you get the idea.


  14. Posted by James Carlton on July 26, 2014 at 7:15 am

    Sounds like my ex in a nutshell. I admit I do miss her sometimes, but then I remember how she was, then I just feel so glad I don’t have t g at toxic bitch in my life any more.


  15. Posted by Rob on August 18, 2014 at 7:52 pm

    Yup… my Ex dumped me 3 days after graduating from College, that I put her through, with the understanding she was to get a good job (which she did get, a nice paying secure government job in the Superior Court). 3 years of me working 7 days a week, and even helping her with her 4 hour a week part time job she held for 4 months while going to school. 3 days after graduating – “it’s not working out – it’s over”. There’s more to the list of evil ungrateful things she did, but that tops the cake.


  16. Posted by Roy on October 14, 2014 at 1:22 am

    Are you kidding me! After reading this I feel like they just interviewed my EX exclusively. I will admit, there are some things that is not her or I feel she wouldn’t do like going to get a manicure than going to visit your father… other than that the whole self-centered thing is dead on!!!

    Criticizes everything about you… Dead on!!!

    She’s cold hearted…except for never crying, dead on!!!

    She expects to be treated like a queen!
    Are you fucking kidding me?!?!? This is the one that describes her the most! She’s so stuck up and into her ways it’s crazy how she thinks and how everything works in her head! I love how it said “there is no fixing such a person, it is programmed into them.” LMFAO!!! This is soooooooooo true. Only by being denied several times she will begin to get the clue… Lol…God I wish that was true! Yeah not with mine!

    Ok as for number 6, I can and will say she has never slighted me in bed. Sex WAS good and off the chain when we got it in. But then she started playing the ration game when only she thought it should be distributed! (What do you know… She’s 9 out of 10 on this bitch list!)

    She treat people like trash…
    Once again I can and will say she’s not rude to people in the industry since she’s in the industry herself. She’s not rude to the homeless or anything like. If she treats anyone like trash it’s more of the people she knows. And when things don’t go her way with her friends she will write off her friends, even all her female besties! (Does that make it worse?!?!)

    She never pays…
    Ok… Here’s the truth about this topic. Mine did pay! I’ll let it be known she even held me done for months during my time of hardship. Now does she let you know about it and let it be a constant reminder in your life like you owe her your left nut or your first born, yeah all the time! But going back to the main topic. Yes she did pay! But is she the type of female that would want to be with a man that would pay for her and everything in her life, support her so she doesn’t have to work again! Fuck yeah… You can bet your left nut or first born on that! Shit, I was gonna be that guy until I woke the fuck up! (OK so now she’s 8 out of 10)

    She bosses you around….
    This goes hand and hand with she thinks she a fucking queen! Nough said!

    She embarrasses you in public…
    She has and would try to if the opportunity presented itself. Her thing was arguing and getting loud in public. She didn’t care if everybody in a 100 foot radius heard her she would get LOUD! I’ll never forget the time we left a restaurant and was doing that being all loud thing. We were outside waiting for valet to bring my vehicle and she yelling in front of everybody! Couples, families, children and all were like what the fuck is wrong with this bitch? When we got in my vehicle some old ladies were looking at us then as I was looking back at them I gave them the look like I was holding a hangmans noose on my neck trying to hang myself, then like me trying to strangle myself and pointed with my thumb to the evil bitch sitting next to me! Ohhh yes… Good times!!!

    And last but not least
    She flirts with other men…..(Or in my case other men and women and men and women at the same time) Haha, fuck my life!!!!!
    Once again I’ll just say this goes hand in hand with her thinking she’s a queen and she bosses you around… Enough said!

    So my advice to any men out there… If you notice these red flags from the beginning, fuck walking and RUN for the hills. The girl and the relationship isn’t worth it! Please take my advise and listen to a man that already been through it and trying to get away and better my life. With the amount of stress she has put on my life I’m lucky I don’t have a heroin addiction by now! But have hope once you free yourself from the evil bitch things will get better! I’m stuck with mine for the next 18 years! Ouch!!! Don’t make the same mistakes I did! We have been separated for about 10 months now and she’s still trying to dig her talons deeper into me! Anyway… Great article and so very true!!!


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