Top 10: Ways To Become The Most Interesting Guy

What do women want? I’ll tell you what they don’t want: They don’t want to be bored. Sadly, most guys bore women to death, and then wonder why they never get a second date, or a second chance. The solution is to become a deeply interesting guy — the kind of guy women love to learn more about and can’t resist being around. Here are 10 powerful tips to make you more interesting in the eyes of women — and to take your success with them to the next level.

No.10 – Turn everything into an adventure

A fun thing you can do with a woman you just met, believe it or not, is to take her to run errands. It’s something that is nonthreatening, and that almost any woman will go do with you. As long as you have some rapport, a woman will go grocery shopping with you. Simply say: “You know what? I’m going to run down to the store and get some groceries. Come with me — it’ll be a fun little adventure for us.”

Then, when you get to the grocery store, do fun stuff. Go to the magazine rack, pick up a ridiculous magazine, and make fun of some star who was dumb enough to let a photographer get that close. Walk down the aisle, pick up the clam juice, and ask her: “So, what do you think is in here? What the hell is clam juice, anyway?” Everything can be a fun, unpredictable adventure — if you turn it into one.

No.9 – Convince her that it will be fun

We all want to feel something when it comes to the opposite sex. One feeling every woman wants is the feeling of fun. You can make anything fun by simply adjusting your attitude. Whatever you’re about to do, have the attitude of “let’s make this fun.” Why do I use the word “fun?” Go on any online dating site and read a woman’s profile; you’ll see that the one thing that women are looking for more than anything else is a “fun” guy. It’s a trait they’re all looking for. So make everything fun — you have the power to make it happen.

No.8 – Leave her wanting more

One of the ways you can leave her wanting more is to end everything she’s enjoying on an up note. If she asks you to teach her something, teach her something great that she loves; then, when she asks you to teach her more, tell her: “next time.” If you go somewhere really fun with her and she’s having a great time, right at the peak leave to go do something else, or tell her you have to go. When you’re talking to a woman on the phone for the first time, and the conversation is going great, that’s the time to let her know you have to run. This gets her asking herself why you didn’t ask her out, and if she’s going to get to talk to you again. And that’s a beautiful thing for her to be wondering about.

No.7 – Go back to the basics

On your path to mastery, you’re going to have setbacks. You’re going to be off your game, or you’ll screw up some other area of your life and that’s going to screw up this one. When this happens, go back to the basics; do not act out of desperation. And don’t start looking for some crazy technique to fix things. Stick with the fundamentals, and you’ll ride out the storm. Don’t worry if you don’t understand this now. You will when you need to.

No.6 – Wait until she comes to you

If you’re in a relationship with a woman you really like, and the relationship starts deteriorating, and you get that feeling that it might end, what should you do? End it.

Sit down with her and say: “I’ve been thinking about our relationship lately. I think we both know it’s not heading where we want it to. I care about you a lot as a person. I like you; you’re someone I want to know for a long time, whether we have a relationship or not. But I think it’s best if we take some time off. Let’s end this now and see what happens in the future.”

Step back and wait until she comes back to you. Why? If she doesn’t come back to you, then it’s likely she would have ended it with you anyway, and that would have messed with your head. In this case, by ending it yourself you have more control and you make it far more likely that it’ll work out in the future. It’s like pulling the “emotional drug needle” out of your arm: It hurts at first because you’re addicted to it, but it’s what you need to do for yourself before bad things happen.

No.5 – Have three female friends that are like the women you want to meet

I’ve said before that it’s important to become the kind of guy women like to be around. So here’s a homework assignment: Get three female friends that are like the woman you’d like to meet. Don’t try to date them, just make them your friends. Birds of a feather flock together, which for you means that your new friends will soon introduce you to their attractive, fun-loving female friends — no pickup lines required.

No.4 – When you find something she really likes, tease her

There will always be a few things that she really, really likes. It could be a certain kind of food, a certain way you touch her, a certain experience. When you find something she really likes, stop, pull back and make her really want it before you tease her with a little more. This can be the source of her greatest pleasure in the entire relationship.

No.3 – Make the conversation interesting

Make the conversation an adventure. Learn to tell a great story and find topics that are naturally interesting to talk about. How do you get a better knack for this? It’s simple: Set yourself up in a place where you can hear the conversations women have. Listen to them talking to each other, see if you can notice the commonalities. But there’s a danger here:  You don’t want to start acting like a woman’s “girl friend.” Yes, many women like to have gay friends, but that’s not what she really wants — and it’s not what you want to become. But do listen to conversations to get clues on how you can spice up your chats with women.

No.2 – Become a renaissance man

The renaissance was a period in history when many different things intersected: art, music, science, philosophy, math, and more. Cultivate all the different areas of your life: artistic, physical, relationships with different kinds of people, music, etc. Keep adding skills in different areas that you enjoy, and women will be magnetically attracted to you.

No.1 – Keep developing yourself

The most important thing you can do to become a more interesting guy — the kind of guy women love to have in their lives  — is to invest in developing yourself. Read books, attend workshops, whatever it takes; get to know yourself, and develop all the different aspects of your life. If you do this, day in and day out, you’ll soon wake up and realize that you’ve become a more interesting person all the way around. You’ll realize you have way more women in your life than you ever had before. Do whatever it takes to make this investment in yourself — it’ll pays off in spades.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Mark on November 21, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    Well said! I am definitely a renaissance man, but at times I stop developing and become stagnant, but this reminded me to keep evolving.


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